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Learn to write English sentences, clauses and phrases with Sentence Master word cards. Sentencemaster has some easy and free English writing exercises for you to learn and practice your English vocabulary, grammar and language comprehension.

Start with the One Word Card Writing Exercises. Simply select the correct word to fill in the blank and complete the English sentence. You can practice how to use English articles, prepositions, conjunctions, verbs, adverbs, adjectives nouns and pronouns in English sentences.

Continue with the Two Word Card Writing Exercises. You can practice with the adjective and noun combinations along with the adverb and verb combinations.

Once you have finished the two card exercises you can continue with the Three Word Card Writing Exercises. You can practice with the adjective and noun combinations along with the verb combinations.

Once you have finished the three card exercises you can continue with the Four Word Card Writing Exercises. You can practice with the adjective and noun combinations along with the adverb and verb combinations.

When you have completed the four word card writing exercises - then you can continue on with the Sentence Master Challenges. Start with the six word card challenges. Once you have mastered the six word card challenges then try the eight word card challenges, then the ten word card challenges and then the advanced 13 word card challenges.

When you have finished the exercises and the challenges then you can try the Grid Quizzes. There are 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 line Grid Quizzes. Play with your friends to see who can make the most sentences.

Try the Celebrity Sentences - test your pop-culture knowledge with English grammar.

Sentence Master Practice Word Cards

Practice your English with friends, family and classmates. Play writing games and have fun while learning. Use the practice word cards to create millions of English sentences, clauses and phrases.

You can buy the Blueprint for English eBook which includes the practice word cards and download it right away at Lulu. Use this link - Yes it is faster and cheaper and includes more.

You get: SentenceMaster Conjunction Cards, Article Cards, Verb Cards, Noun Cards, Pronoun Cards, Preposition Cards, Adverb Cards, Adjective Cards and some free bonus word cards.

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Why be an English Writer?

The Internet has enabled millions of people to communicate in writing via instant and text messaging, twitter, blogs, social network posts, forums and traditional emails. Having the ability to write correctly and efficiently in the English speaking world is now more important than ever.

The old formula of 90% oral communications and 10% writing has morphed to about 60% oral communications and 40% writing interactions for most working professionals. To succeed in the modern professional digital age correct English writing is mandatory. Today's audiences demand proper English grammar, spelling, formats and style.

Use SentenceMaster to help you become an English writer and join the huge international community of English writers. Many consider English as a national, foreign or additional or second language however English is a universal language for business and an official language used for global communication.

Proofreading service Allcorrect helps you to write fully correct papers.

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